The NitroKids programs are uniquely designed for kindergarten and school-aged children to educate them on the benefits/values of good nutrition and adequate physical activity. Our goal is to teach and show your child how these choices can contribute towards a healthier, happier, and more active lifestyle every day in a very exciting way. We will equip your children with knowledge which can last a lifetime – we will teach them from an early age the proper techniques and forms of the main exercises like squats, lunges, sit ups etc. We will also emphasize the importance of regular physical activity and how it can help oneself and the importance of a balanced diet. This program will give your child the opportunity to view life from a healthier and fun perspective and less screen time and will also increase personal bonding time by cooking healthier meals together and exercising as a family. Ultimately a healthier lifestyle will equate to happier, more confident, stronger both mentally and physically children. Let us help you in creating this lifestyle for your little ones.

  • Cost

    $64.99/month or $164.99 for 3 months (save $30)

  • Cost

    $99.99/month for 2 kids or $274.99 for 3 months (save $115)



11:00 am – 12:00 pm


Make it a lifestyle and have results for life!


Stay healthy while eating the foods you love