Nitro Athletics

Development has no off-season

Nitro Athletics is the new program offered at Nitro Lifestyle that is all about personal team training!

You will work individually and together as a unit to overcome challenges that will help build a lifelong bond. Teams will be trained, inspired and motivated by professional in-house athletes. It’s time to give your team the performance advantage and edge needed to reach the top no matter the competition level. Teams will receive a tailored training program that can include a focus on speed, agility, strength and more. Training together as a team brings unity and respect that can lead to team success.

The Nitro Athletics program is available for all sports, ages, and levels.

What is Nitro Athletics?

  • Team performance training sessions
  • Increased agility, endurance, flexibility, mobility, power, speed, and strength
  • Team combine testing and assessments
  • High performance habit training and tracking
  • Nutrition knowledge
  • Sport specific exercises
  • Weightlifting (only if appropriate)
  • Increased level of general fitness


For scheduling, please contact us at (905) 965-3285 and by email at


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