Our most popular program! Recommended for weight loss, toning and just making physical activity a lifestyle. Our unique fitness programs are designed to challenge all levels by combining traditional weight training, functional training, cardio workouts, boot camp style training and sport specific workouts to help you burn calories, lose weight, gain strength and increase your overall fitness level.

The program begins with a full body assessment (fat percentage, weight, inches, before picture), educational grocery store visit, followed by unlimited training 7 days a week and monthly body assessments. Receive a private schedule that you can fill in for an entire month, educational access to exercise and nutritional regimes, which garner sustainable results.

What is the Lifestyle Program?

  • Exercise for 45 minutes daily and eat healthier
  • Learn how to exercise safely and effectively
  • Gain energy, mobility, strength, and self-confidence
  • Lose weight and gain muscle
  • Receive unlimited group training (1-6)
  • Learn about the importance of protein, decreasing sugar, fat, and avoiding starchy carbs for dinner
  • Understand how to enjoy the foods you love and stay healthy with our Nitro Diet


Make it a lifestyle and have results for life!


Stay healthy while eating the foods you love