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“The Nitro Lifestyle Team”

Nitro Lifestyle was created by Owner and President, Ninko Pangilinan back in March 2010. Starting out as a basement training facility and local park bootcamp, Ninko was able to turn Nitro Lifestyle (Formerly known as Nitro Fitness Plan) into Brampton’s Premier Fitness Club & weight loss centre. We pride ourselves on helping clients reach goals, make new goals and having the ability to have members wanting to come versus having to come.

“We get 1 shot at life. Live it the fullest. Lead by example and enjoy anything and everything as the best version of you.”

Ninko Pangilinan – President and Owner of Nitro Lifestyle

The man behind Nitro Lifestyle – success did not come easy.

Trying to grow a basement business with no business background was difficult. Within the first 6 months of business, Ninko not only was in loads of debt after University, but was diagnosed with 3rd stage Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer. Ninko’s never give up attitude combined with extreme positivity and perseverance facilitated his recovery.

Today, Ninko is a father of 2 and cancer free. With a deeper appreciation of healthy living and fitness, Ninko utilizes his experiences – teaching his clients the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Having won the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Fitness Centre in Brampton, Ninko believes in long term consistency versus short term intensity and inconsistency as the key to living a long healthy life.


Make it a lifestyle and have results for life!


Stay healthy while eating the foods you love