Make it a lifestyle. You’ll have results for life.

We believe in regular physical activity, eating healthy, and cheating once in a while to obtain long-lasting results.

We believe that you cannot obtain optimal results without a nutrition plan set in place. We have created the Nitro Diet that focuses on eating a certain amount of protein for your target weight and cutting down or out sugar entirely. The Nitro Diet will teach you how to enjoy cheat meals without gaining weight and knowledge of some the foods from our favourite fast food spots. We tell our members in order to reach your goals, it is 90% nutrition, 10% exercise and 100% commitment.

Whether you are doing our lifestyle group training program, private training sessions, or boot camp, our workouts are constantly changing and challenging you to become better. Every level can join and go at their own pace. It’s great because you get to see high-level participants mixed in with beginners. You will see what you will ultimately become. A lot of our workouts not only include standard weight training, but also a variety of sports and military-style training. We may not have a lot of big machines, but you’ll constantly be moving the most important machine — your body. Combine this with a loud atmosphere, motivational trainers, and our unique brand, members always leave with the “what a great workout” feeling. Give us a chance to earn your business and try 1 class for free.


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Make it a lifestyle and have results for life!


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